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    Can someone teach me english speaking on skype?

    Replies needed asap

    00:07 UTC


    My stoned speech

    Hello my fellow ents. I like getting stoned and I like writing storries about that. Unfortunatelly english is not my native language, so I am sorry for bad grammar. In this story I speak about anorexia. It´s full of irony, sarcasm and it´s supposed to be funny. I hope that at least some of you will enjoy.

    “And do you know, man, how I would make it popular? For daddies who love their little daughters, for people who hate models, and others? One word – munchies! Oh man, I can see it in papers, televison, main news on CNN, or other stuff. Anorexia cured by marijuana. You see it? God, that´s for Nobel one, I mean it. What? How would I do that? Well I can talk one dread-locked father with anorectic daughter into that, or I can pay for actors, or, damn I could do it on my own, you know? I simply have to become anorectic, in my case I have to be like 188 pounds, or whatever. Maybe even less for people to really get it.

    So let´s say I made it. How? Well that´s gonna be tough one. Probably I´m gonna stop eatin´. That´s hell of a tough one, damn, but I coulda make it. What? Like now? You crazy? I´m not gonna let you eat the whole dinner you sick fuck, what did you say you´re going to make? Meat mix with toasts. Don´t fuck with me. And cheese with that? Oh damn, I´m so lucky to have you, eating with you is like fairy tale. Now where was I… Anorexia? What? Why for the god´s sake would talk about it? Cure? With weed? Man, tell me how! Wait, I thought about it? Uh huh…

    Yeah! I remember! So I gotta lose some weight to some 130 pounds, to look really hungry, you know? And then it´s simple. I have to deny cure, stop eating, still try to look humry and then I´m like I found a new treatment, with weed of course. So me and docs will decide to give it a try, because I´m like an anorectic, you know? Sou it could help me, them munchies.

    Shit, I would really like to have toast, ´cause I´m speaking about that fucking dinase. Do you still have that snickers? Oh man, thanks so much! Yeah, I know, it´s mine a nd I gave it to you, so you could just take care o fit, but thanks for your help, I appreciate it. I appreciate it so god damn much that I am willing to give you one half of this holy fucking chocolate grail, that melts on my tongue like a snow melts in a spring. Oh my god, that is really an explosion of tastes. God bless this brown peanutty orgasm, fuck.

    Nevertheless, I´m gonna be an anorectic. Yeah and that treatment, I´m gonna be like I´m a good boy, I don´t wanna do drugs, that I never smoked and that I´m scared a little and stuff like that, or something.

    God dammit that snickers is good as hell. That will be a hell of a problem to stay hungry and lose weight. Mayebe you´ll have to feed me.

    Nevertheless. We´re gonna go to TV. Oprah maybe? CNN? Some fucking reality show or whatever? I dunno yet. I´m gonna tell my sister to make it popular in news and that stuff and then, let´s make it emotional! You know that bullshit emotional shots, like puppy is going to die, if you not adopt it, or stuff like that. That style, I mean. Listen, I´m gonna be that reporter, so listen, I´m gonna speak like him: And now for more serious topic. This twenty years old boy, Michael, has a serious disease. He suffers Anorexia nervosa. He´s been fighting this motherfucking disease for months and his whole family and friends are really desperate. Doctors are considerring trying a new treatment with marijuana, which is popular for making you super hungry. Let´s now see Michael and his family in a hospital.

    And now the scene – me malnourished as hell, lying there on a bed, mum´s crying, so tehy would be talking, how are we going through all this awful stuff and we hope weed´s gonna change it, but I´m still somehow afraid or what. But emotions are awake, people really love it, reality show as fuck. So straight to on air show at 8 PM with live audience – me, anorectic, I am having a blunt and we´ll see, if I am going to eat, you know? So I am sitting there, chatting with host, like I am brave, I am fighting it, then tv shots of parents, who have anorectic daughters, they praying for me to eat and shit like that, I don´t know.

    So they bring it there, that blunt, on a plate and you´re going to smoke it with me, ´cause I´m too scared to get stoned alone and we always smoke togehter, don´t we? And who the hell would make me a dinner? So I light it, inale, hold for a while, and then I´m coughing as hell, classic. And I can even vomit, to add some drama. So I take a hit, cough, vomit, and I´m not even high and I don´t want anymore. But people are cheering, they want me to do it, they want me to smoke it. So I take another one, and the coughing is not that bad, you even take a hit with me. People are still cheering – Michael, smoke that fat one. Emotions, man, get it? God I see it. Livestream, all over the world. Thousands of people are smoking in front of their TVs at home, cheering, supporting. Fucking emotions. Hell it´s like I am already there, man! Gimme the bong!

    Damn, do you still have that snickers? What? Who ate it? We did? Motherfuck. Do we have something else? Oh gimme. Here´s your half. So I´m sitting there, my sister´s there two, to support me and smoke some, ´cause she does a lot. Maybe even guys can go with us, The get stoned and support me, of course. And then, you give me a piece of snickers and me, high as hell, I am eating it and people are cheering their balls over that. Mexican wave, emotions and shitload of other things, ´cause I´m eating, you know? The news is all over the world – anorexia cured, anorectic guy finally eats after months. And I would be famous and get my weight back and I would fight for legalisation, make presentations, ted talks and stuff like that, I´m gonna write a book – Weed helped me, or I´m eating again, or something. I don´t know, I haven´t given it that much thought yet. What do you think buddy?” “I would make that dinner, because I’m hungry.” “Hell of an idea, let’s go!”

    20:33 UTC


    I'm a Christmas loving atheist.

    Don't let my atheist friends know... but I really dig the Christmas spirit. I guess in a way, the myth of Jesus has given us some good things culturally. I know it was the greeks and romans that celebrated the solstice. I can only assume what it was like then. But I think Christmas gives us that feeling of joy and peace. Everyone is a little bit kinder. I get to watch my kids light up with selflessness... they get to see the joy of giving, even if it's only once a year. So maybe Jesus as an idea is not such a bad thing. It's amazing that so many people world wide believe this person is really a prophet. It's like the world has believed in Santa for so long... but really believed. To to point of killing people. But the spirit of christmas is a real thing... and it's a lot of fun to see it happen in people. As an atheist, I LOVE christmas. Even the nativity. I love religious and secular chistmas songs. I'm a dork for it. I bake, I set up lights, I say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. I don't care... it's just a time to be super happy and giving. It's so powerful, that it actually stopped battles during WW1! The soldiers refused to fight! They had a soccer game. It's beautiful. It's the one day that almost everyone loves each other. My daughter has a friend that has atheists for parents, and they refuse to celebrate christmas. I don't want to celebrate the solstice or have some winter atheist jamboree. I want real Christmas. With Santa and Frosty and cheezy old Rudolph cartoons. I think if we as atheists can stop being so self righteous (and I do know that we are right) we could learn to see the moral values that Jesus did teach. We could look at him like Gandhi or Budda. To ignore those people that are ridiculous and claim he is a god. But just to look at his messages. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Love your neighbor as you love yourself. These are really, really good rules to live by. Anyway, this is my check in for today. Hope you guys like it. Thoughts are appreciated. I'm only writing to explain a philosophical argument. I know there's a lot of rambling, and I'm not a very creative writer. But I love philosophy and religion.

    1 Comment
    02:05 UTC


    Until Next Time We Speak (Circa 2012)

    I could tell you a story as smooth as when the sandman tries to sing you to sleep. Even when he chokes on the silt trapped in his throat. This is why none of us listen or remember our dreams. If you will, pull up a seat and try to suspend your disbelief.

    On these crowded streets of non-sleep where we all come and go, the sides of our faces are lit by the dim glow of our cell phones. We talk equally to friends and enemies out of arm's reach.

    When I was a child, I remember there being noises in my house that usually came from people’s mouths. It left the lingering feeling that’d raise the hair on the necks of most. I always had the notion that I was living amongst lonely warring ghosts looking for a warm hand to hold.

    Before these eyes closed, the sun rose as consciousness dove into a slumber after it had been kept up all night, distracted by the numbers perceived. They burned lit in their numbed blue hue that slowly showed every minute slipping by you; seeping into a space where the dead elect to never keep receipts.

    As my body hit the bed the pillow absorbed the shock of today’s memories. I was remanded into a fit of déjà vu as I woke, feeling belated to meet a muse for small talk and drinks.

    I arrived half past late, but as if on cue, she spun around on her bar stool. The bags beneath her eyes matched with the hollowness in her cheeks, making an otherwise normal salutation tip over to bleak.

    I knew she had something on her mind. It was a one sided conversation in which I was held hostage, forced to listen. I went in thinking it was a waste of my time.

    She coughed out her cancer candidly and said, “This world is on fire and burning like the scene painted by the music created with the strings of Nero's violin,” as she struck a match against the bar and lit another cigarette; the light of the match casting shadows against her pale skin.

    In her blown out smoke she conjured images nondescript, figures moving like lemmings who stood at the cliff’s edge trying to bet against cult religion with rationality. They jump to their deaths but not before toeing the line separating us from them and their insanity.

    I begged to question but she held up her hand led by her finger as if to say no, or be quiet please. I responded as if I hadn’t any idea of what was going on. I was caught alone with painted red hands, lacking vision in the perfect pitch blackness of our collective idiocies.

    Her voice kept rattling like a shaking flashlight with dead batteries; questioning them rhetorically. I turned back to focus on her message but it was easier to grab the smoke as it drifted like a stuttered shadow lit rhapsody.

    In the swirls of matte grey were contradicting messianic messages dripping from the lips of lunatics in their infancy with their yellow skinned diatribes birthed to earth by so called divine imputation to the mouths of these mad men screaming that only they knew the intricacies of intimacy with their gods.

    These essays penned by the deranged on paper as thin as onion skin and then soaked for generations in barrels of gin, to be drunk at ceremonies patting ourselves on the backs for helping write a chapter in a grander commentary of, “Yes, this shit is really happening.”

    Teachers dress in the skin of beggars and implore us to take notes. We'd do anything to drop our pens mid-sentence. Taking every opportunity to bitch and moan about how fucking great the past was.

    We disregard the probability of sleeping-in. Neglecting the early bird's worm in the morning or gazing at the night sky. We feel bits and pieces of relativity handed down from the guts of constellations.

    Left with the choices to watch someone breathe or to suck in oxygen tailored for the empty shell of another man or women in a vicarious display; if this is all there is then what fuck are we still living for?

    We found ourselves in an involuntary remission, putting our out-of-control spin into a digression because we’re part of the standing ovation at this old world’s end.

    We draw pale blue dots on each of our palms, holding the world in our hands in stark comparison against every desperate oversight. Wait for this world to come back to life. Until then, we’ll be forced into the greater population against our will. Fucking our way until our conclusion.

    I saw Venus in her eyes, nodding in what could have been disbelief. I didn’t know at the time what it meant but I knew she was only fish in my sea. With minds restless, we made our way to the exits on wobbly feet. I recalled a date in postscript placing now sometime in last week.

    She wasn’t one to say goodnight, even in my dreams. She kissed me on the corner of my lips but mostly on my cheek, as if to say, “until next time we speak.”

    04:06 UTC


    Thought I was hilarious when I was thinking about this

    Step son mentioned that he hasn’t made any new friends at school. He’s in special ed! How hard is it to make special ed friends??? The kid in the wheel chair too cool for you?

    02:06 UTC


    Grandparents love for their Grand Children

    I feel like I’ve experienced the love that a grandparent has for a grand child. The bond is even stronger than that of the parents, but the child naturally loves the parents more. Even though the grand child is loved by the grand parents more. My dad said he just tried not to get attached so it wouldn’t hurt so much. But I think he just says that because it does hurt so much. Like a lie makes it hurt less, but it still hurts. Even more so than losing a child.I may have to chill out with my stepson around his grandparents. I understand why they feel offended. So ill try to chill out. And Ill try to get the kids a better relationship with my dad and mom

    02:04 UTC


    Something I wrote with how I was physically feeling

    Weird stoned feeling. Lots of voices yelling in my head. But then I realize its just the weed. Feeling of my hands not being in control. Like someone is reading my thoughts. Like it’s weird that I like this feeling. Kind of stressful. But still fun.

    02:02 UTC


    Mods needed

    I started this sub about a year ago with the idea of having a place where people could share their wacky thoughts, poems, and other THC inspired works. I finally have some time to try to get this sub off the ground. I need someone that is familiar with creating a good subreddit. Please PM me if you are interested.


    02:01 UTC


    Some ramblings about death, consciousness, and religion

    When we realize how precious life is, we have more respect for the lives of others. We all have to die, and we all have to face death. The reality is that we will slip into unconsciousness forever. There should be fear in losing consciousness. People believe in religion because it allows them to forget the fact that they have to experience death like the rest of us. These religions care so much about their fantasy that they are willing to kill others to make it true. Not only die, but also but make decisions that will cause death. It allows them to ease their conscious on the deaths they are causing. Removing their guilt because of an afterlife. It makes it less of an issue and they need their religion to free them from causing death… because of the belief of an everlasting life.

    01:56 UTC


    Some crazy ideas I have written about sub species that co-evolved with homosapiens

    What if the stories we hear about trolls are just ancient fables from our evolutionary past. Maybe trolls were actually a sentient life form that coevolved with humans, and humans demonized them because they were seen as a threat to our social expansion. So the stories were passed down, made the trolls seem evil to try to justify our genocide against them. Maybe giants too… maybe the old stories are true… that giants were just a co-evolved sentient life from that we murdered to extinction.

    01:50 UTC

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