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No hate speech See our hate speech rule here.
Do not suggest or support harm Any comment that threatens, advocates, celebrates, suggests, wishes, hopes, dreams, expresses extreme indifference towards, otherwise supports in any way or could result in harm of any kind, violence, or death is prohibited. See our harm rule here.
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No personal attacks Treat others with basic decency. No personal attacks or shill accusations.
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Do not witch hunt or post users' personal information. Users who violate this rule will be banned on sight. Witch-hunting and giving out private personal details of other people can result in unexpected and potentially serious consequences for the individual targeted. More Info.
Follow AMA specific rules In order to make sure that AMAs are enjoyable events for all involved, AMA threads are more strictly moderated. See our AMA specific rules here.

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Articles must deal explicitly with US politics. See our full topicality rules here.
Articles must be published within the last 7 days. More Info.
Submissions must be from domains on the approved domains list. The approved domains list and its criteria can be found here.
Post titles must be the exact headline from the article, except when it contains "BREAKING" or ALL CAPS. Your headline must be comprised only of the exact copied and pasted headline of the article, except you must not use ALL CAPS or 'Breaking' even when the actual title contains them. This applies to other single word declarative and/or sensational expressions, such as 'EXCLUSIVE:' or 'HOT:'. More Info.
Do not flood the new queue. /r/Politics bans for submission and comment spam. More Info.
No copy-pasted submissions or non-English articles. Please do not submit articles or videos that are a direct, complete copy-paste of original reporting. More Info. An article must be primarily written in English. More Info.
Submissions must be either articles, videos or sound clips. We also disallow solicitation of users (petitions, polls, requests for money, etc.), personal blogs, satire, images, social media content (Facebook, twitter, tumblr, LinkedIn, etc.), wikis, memes, and political advertisements. More info: Content type rules.
Disclosure of employment r/politics expressly forbids users who are employed by a source to post link submissions to that source without broadcasting their affiliation. Please contact the moderators to get started on our verification process. More info.

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