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Share Content. Make Money. This is our motto at /r/premiumclub

We post ad links to great content and the more upvotes you get, the more ad revenue you get. You are actually posting ad links to real sites that entertain us so the clicks are organic. Ad links are recommended but not required. There is a karma and or time requirement so not everyone can join. Come check out our wiki section if you want to learn more.

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R/KayleeMason is brand new, like moments and I really need some CSS help with my self promoting NSFW!

I'm so green about this stuff its crazy!! I'm looking for some CSS help for the moment but depending, I might be looking for some mod help as well. This is a pretty much NSFW subreddit promoting myself. I've begun a wonderful trip in a new direction and started selling my personal items like panties etc. I'm wanting a place dedicated to myself and only myself whereas right now I'm posting in GW pantyselling etc. The questions are abundant I'm sure so ask away!

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/r/NaturalPhotos for Nature Lovers

Hey!It is a new subreddit and I think it has a lot of potential. I tried advertising on reddit but My cc is not going through because of AVS MISMATCH so I thought maybe I could get a free Advertisement.
reddit name /r/NaturalPhotos
number of subscribers 10
sponsored headlines example "/r/NaturalPhotos - Share the Natural Beauty Around You"
links to potential 300x250 ads

similar reddits that exist None that I are aware of.
why we should promote you As I already Said I tried Paid advert but was unlucky so Maybe You can help me out to get some exposure, I am very hopefull that after a little startup kick, This subreddit can grow on its on.


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Reddit name: Moonhunters

# of Subscribers: 1

Sponsered Headline Examples: /r/moonhunters Discuss Moonhunters by Kitfox Games!

Potential Ads: Unfortunately, I'm not very good with graphic design. I do have a friend that is so he might be able to help. I was thinking of getting an image of the game off their website (http://moonhuntersgame.com) and then putting /r/moonhunters. :)

Similar Reddits That Exist: none

Why We Should Promote You: Moonhunters is a very cool upcoming game! On Kickstarter the game developers asked for $45,000. It got $178,986! This game is going to be popular. And honestly, since I took the /r/moonhunters name, I doubt anyone else is going to make one. If they do, I'm willing to bet that mine will be more popular.

Thanks for considering! :)

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New Subreddit

  • Reddit Name: /r/TIDTRT (Today, I Did The Right Thing)
  • Number of Subscribers: 22
  • Sponsored Headlines Examples: Doing Good On Reddit Gone Viral
  • Links to Ads: None come to mind here
  • Similar Reddits: I couldn't find any similar.
  • Why Should You Promote us?

Our subreddit is new and shows a different category that hasn't been promoted on reddit yet (That I have seen). Showing the better side of humanity is important I think and this will give a place for that to grow and be seen.

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/r/FoundOnYoutube - The best collection of YouTube videos

Subreddit : /r/FoundOnYoutube

Subscribers : 43

Mod? : Yes!

AD : http://imgur.com/Reh0WT8

There are times, when you want to watch some videos on YouTube, but you don't know what to watch. Well, in /r/FoundOnYoutube - the problem is solved! /r/FoundOnYoutube is for anyone looking for a good video and it's a collection of some of the greatest YouTube videos of all time and the best way to share, find and discuss viral, popular, funny and entertaining videos. Don't like the YouTube's commenting system? Not a problem in our subreddit! You can comment on videos with the best commenting system on the planet! Also, if someone has found a great video, he can follow the rules and submit his own video. It's that simple! Here is the full wiki of our subreddit - http://www.reddit.com/r/FoundOnYoutube/wiki/index

Why we should promote you? : To make everyone happy:)

See you in /r/FoundOnYoutube ;)

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/r/Desocrator234 New gaming youtuber

New gaming channel, will start with Minecraft and Robocraft then get more diverse. Monthly channel art competition. 1 subscriber (me), hoping to increase that number dramatically. Please promote me as I have been wanting to make my own channel on YouTube for ages and I think reddit and twitter are places to advertise.

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R/RWZWrestlingLeague - A fantasy a Wrestling league, with an £50/$75 WWEShop Prize to the winner!

Come check us out over at r/RWZWrestlingLeague!

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Need help building /r/ShawAFB

It's a page for Shaw Air Force Base, SC. This sub will help send interesting info about the area out to readers. Also, big events, advice on places to visit, etc. This will greatly help those in the military community who are new to the base, or will be stationed here in the future! I have a few pictures and design ideas. I am just looking for someone to collaborate with, mainly because I do not have access to any sprite and css sites to do all of the dirty work. Haha! Thank you in advance

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/r/motorcyclesroadtrip Everything Roadtrip and Motorcycles Related

  1. Reddit name: MotorcyclesRoadTrip
  2. Number of subscribers: 55 We've only just made the sub!
  3. Sponsored headlines examples: /r/motorcyclesroadtrip Everything Roadtrip and Motorcycles Related
  4. Links to potential 300x250 ads: http://i.imgur.com/w5j3V09.png
  5. Similar reddits that exist: /r/Motorcycles and /r/RoadTrip
  6. Why we should promote you: Because we've an up and coming sub-reddit with HUGE potential to be a big one!
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